awaiting dawn

awaiting dawn
a row of spikes
pierces the silence

remember the lily
and not the dry stalk


This year I was blessed to have Jane Reichhold as my friend and mentor.

Today I opened Facebook to find that Jane had passed away.

We spoke on the 27th and I had no idea she was suffering. Our last conversation was filled with her concerns for my safety and with her intense encouragement.

One of the last things she said to me was that other people need to hear my voice. That I should never let anyone silence me again.

In the midst of her suffering, she managed to both wrap me in a blanket of comfort AND challenge me.

Bless you, Jane. And thank you.


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8 thoughts on “awaiting dawn”

    1. Your words mean so much to me …. thank you 🙂
      Jane inspired me in so many ways … and from now on I will be writing more often, no matter what the critics and control freaks say. Knowing that she believed in me …. that’s a lot to live up to.

      Hugs to you, Janice 🙂


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