spite and spittle

soft, silent
two things you were not:
at day’s end
all you left
was a ravaged banquet hall
and spite … and spittle


… “never has my tormentor come in such a cunning disguise…”


For B&P Shadorma & Beyond, where Candy,
who is graciously substituting for me,
offered this poem:

[…] Everything I love
is soft and silent,
The grass, the brook,
the leaves at play,
Even you in your way

© James Kavanaugh


13 thoughts on “spite and spittle”

  1. If this is autobiographical – best let it all hang out. Life is too short for spite and spittle .
    A lot of folk are just vile.

    let love in
    you take a big risk
    love flies off
    steals your heart
    general fuck off i tude
    note left at your door

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