23 thoughts on “your staccato texts”

      1. i kid you not.. yes..
        and i can prove it.. hehe..
        as my current poem is noW
        over 20K words long.. and groWinG..
        and my wHole 696 verses Ocean Poem..
        long poem form.. too big for dVerse.. now
        or Jesus F. in ChrisT alMost the u.Verse..
        is approaching 4 milLion words..
        i am no teXtual
        writer.. and
        it’s all for FReED..
        aS Hypergraphia..;)


  1. A great phrase, “your staccato texts” – straight away you sense something’s wrong. And you succeeded in the experiment admirably, I think. The strict format doesn’t even register, the piece reads so naturally.

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