11 thoughts on “twilight”

  1. The system has been under attack since it was initiated. Oh, well. Hope our son is willing to let us have a a room at his place. Both my grandmothers lived with their children after the grandfathers’ deaths. One great aunt circulated between her brothers and sisters homes then to the nieces and nephews homes. She usually lived with us about 3 to 6 months every year or two.

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      1. It was very common in the communities where we lived. More that a few families had relatives living with them. Before Medicare in the mid 60’s there were no resources other than family income to help pay for the care of the elderly and disabled.

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  2. As you say, in our rich economies it’s inexcusable. Frankly, as it continues to happen it can only be a deliberate choice on the part of those in government who constantly spout all that bs about “I believe in the American/British/whichever people.” Actual people simply don’t come into the equation.

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  3. We have homeless here as well in Oz which is an absolute disgrace considering the wealth and the wasteful spending by governments in this country. It absolutely infuriates me because it is unnecessary.
    A lot of people are homeless here because the forms one has to fill out are deliberately complicated…..and almost beyond the comprehension of the average person. It gives me great pleasure in giving the gov. the third finger salute by assisting the homeless completing these forms for homeless people through a charitable organisationl Loved this haiku.

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    1. That’s wonderful — I’m so glad you’re able to help out! 🙂

      Perhaps when my life calms down I’ll see what I can do to help folks out here, in the States, too.

      Thanks 🙂


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