I’d thought he was Orion, the hero.

He wasn’t.

He’d probed – and he’d probed – and he’d asked questions that made me squirm. He’d discovered my secrets – then unrolled them and tacked them to the front of his house.

One of my secrets was that I was attracted to women as much as to men.

He waited until I was completely isolated – and then he spelled out his plans – for my life.

“You’ll do this for me, won’t you?” His eyes gleamed. “You’ll love it.”

So, he sat in one country – and I sat in another – and I watched him weave online profiles for dating sites.
…..Many sites.
…..Using photos meant for his eyes only.

I was to meet women – and bring them home – and he would watch.

No.  No.  No.

“You’re a hunter now,” he said. “Think like a predator.”

Did he really say “predator”?

He didn’t look away – didn’t blink, didn’t blush – as he spelled out the rules.

…..Say something self-deprecating…
……….and give her a goofy smile.
……….She’ll smile back. It’s reflex.
…..Your prey is shy…
……….a bit plain…
……….a bit chubby…
……….her self- esteem’s a bit low…
……….talk with her.
and if she’s creative, offer your help.

Oh. My. God.
That’s me.
That’s me.
That’s me.

He’d nocked his arrow. He’d aimed and he’d drawn. And I felt that arrow, slick with my blood.  It would not budge – so I picked at the fletching and cried.

passing storm –
the waning moon
hides her face


“You’re one microscopic cog
in his catastrophic plan
Designed and directed by
his red right hand”


Carpe Diem


23 thoughts on “hunter”

    1. Thanks, Mrs Fever – this was painful and I struggled to write it. So your comments mean so very much to me 🙂

      … Never in a million years did I think I’d run into this type of predator.


      1. Practiced wolves are very good at disguising themselves as sheep.

        And if your confidence feels shaken or you are doubting your instincts afterward: DON’T. You didn’t do anything wrong. None of this – his choice to betray and manipulate – none of it is your fault.

        Keep on being you. 💖

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Oh, I’ve been kicking my backside for months now, and most certainly doubting my instincts. It’ll take a long time to heal … or to trust … again. But yes. This #&#$ is the master of manipulation. And to think I spoke with him daily … and didn’t see it coming, it was so subtle at first. Ugh.

      I hope his cojones fall off in the grocery store .. and all the clerks laugh! (Hm… was that overly bitter? Lol)

      It can only get better from now on, right?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Orion one of the few constellations I recognize. I will continue to enjoy the stars…
    May ‘his’ cojones be rotten olives. No man has the right to be such a creep.

    As it is: “Orion the Hunter appears in the winter sky, with his bow and his hunting dogs, Canis Major and Canis Minor, trailing behind him. Greek mythology tells us that Orion was known as a talented hunter. His boast that he could rid the earth of all the wild animals, however, angered the Earth goddess, Gaia.”

    So even the goddess was not impressed. Master manipulators are never heroes.

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  2. Thud….that was me falling off my chair. Yikes there are bad seeds out there. Satan always knows how to press the right buttons and blind the ingenue to evil. I like the cojone drop in the grocery store LOL. You have a great sense of humour and that Mrs Fever is in the same league…… a sharp spear carrier to have in your cohort.
    With all the porcupine quills voodoo being conjured up I should imagine by now, there is a certain person with a very painful condition,waiting in the emergency dept. at the hospital. ROFL


    1. On a more serious note. I had an incident happen to me in 2011 when I was relatively new to blogging. I was (unbeknown to myself being filmed). Unfortunately my computer was on a desk at the end of my bed. My conversations were also recorded. It was someone from a poetry site.He used to leave clues in poems. No one would believe me. So ,my partner and I set up conversations to prove it, to see if any of the content would be revealed. And fortunately for me it was, otherwise he too probably would have thought I was crazy. I have never used skype. Someone had the expertise to operate it without my knowing. From then on I have always had the camera covered on my computer and always have private conversations with the computer turned off.

      I do know how absolutely devastating it is and what you are suffering. The shock of it is appalling. I was determined it would not stop me from writing and no matter what I would just keep on. A predator wants to destroy his victim so the best revenge is to keep on writing, no matter what. That really gets to them.It takes a while but there is a benefit …you will become so much stronger and will have a belief in yourself that you never had before and if the incident had not happen you most likely would never have. Making humour out of dark events is also a great asset in the fight….Onwards upwards and bugga the lot as we say down under 🙂

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      1. Oh wow … that is absolutely terrifying.

        Occasional Skype glitches led me to believe that things were being recorded … or observed by a third party. I’m so glad you managed to obtain proof of what was occurring.

        Yes … he did his best to silence me. He underestimated the Muses, my friends, and the support of my colleagues.

        And hey, it’ll get easier, right?


    2. This one was the worst … subtle at first … you don’t realize when you’re in too deep till it’s too late.

      Imagine him explaining those voodoo injuries in the ER …. lol!!!

      Thanks Rall 🙂


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