14 thoughts on “unmasked”

    1. [stepping to my emergency corner and retrieving the smelling salts]

      Glad you enjoyed the post!

      When I was little my mother watched countless hours of musicals on TV. I was mostly unimpressed … except for Paint Your Wagon. This fella was one of my very first “television crushes”. Sigh….!

      [Do you mind sharing these smelling salts? LOL!]


      1. Hahaha–LOVE it!! To be that handsome AND be able to sing…he wrings my heart out and leaves me shivering (or did, he’s probably gone now…). I wonder how many times I watched “Paint Your Wagon”…it’s running on cable channels currently 🙂

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      2. He was certainly a heartbreaker, wasn’t he? Sadly he passed away around 2009, I think … but … did you know he was in The Pretender (a bad guy) and in Fargo? I had no idea. He looked totally different in later years. Still handsome …. but not Paint-Your-Wagon-handsome. 😉


      3. Really, he was in Fargo?? Wow, I’ll have to watch that again… a lot of men look better and better as they age, maybe it’s the “mellowing” 🙂 Tom Skerrit comes to mind–I never noticed him till he got some years on him, and then my heart was 16 again!!

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      4. Yes, I agree with you on the mellowing 🙂

        Fargo … he was the father-in-law, I believe. Not a huge part, but I never would have identified him.

        Another one looking better with some age? Damian Lewis. Have to share this Shakespeare piece.

        watched this one a dozen times, lol


  1. [stepping to my emergency corner and retrieving the smelling salts]

    …It’s good to see that this blog takes health and safety matters seriously, especially if you’re going to post videos that set people’s hearts a-skipping [allegedly lol] 🙂

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