12 thoughts on “rock and root”

  1. So beautiful and sparse – it’s beauty means I can’t seem to tell if the sparseness feels ‘sad’ or not..
    Impressively, the abrupt short rhythm also suggests someone walking, determinedly, to get back home.

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    1. Thanks Blake 🙂
      It’s tempting to explain the tamka, bUT in this case I’ll let it remain mysterious 😉

      Loving my new forest life … but yikes have I ever been busy :O


      1. Hooray to the new forest life! I hope your first Christmas there has been like walking in a winter wonderland (or some such festive nonsense!) 🙂


      2. I need to send you an email … been a heck of a month so far. Ai yai yai … I’m burned out, and want to hibernate in the woods till spring.

        Hope your Yule was happy 🙂


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