10 thoughts on “July 10, 2017”

  1. Ahem – holy fucknuts, indeed! 🙂
    And is this a haiku with an additional line, or a tanka with a line removed, or…?

    I’m reading the scream as yours rather than the fox’s, in which case you expertly introduce the narrator and complete the scene with that last word [ applauding].

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    1. I missed Chev’s classes on 4-line haiku, but evidently “it’s a thing” and several people have been using it … so … why not experiment, right? Still, to me, it feels a bit sloppy …?

      We both screamed, by the way 😉


      1. Huh that’s the first I’ve seen and heard of 4-line haiku. I can see the potential for when you want to introduce a break in the sense, or add a “dramatic pause”, in the last line. I think it works well here for that reason.

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