fifty nine columbines

I was carrying boxes into a seedy Richmond hotel when everyone came to a full stop in front of the lobby TV.

“Jesus Christ!” Jeff yelled, hands on his bald head.  “What the HELL is going on?”

Onscreen, a long line of high school kids – also with hands on their heads – fled across a parking lot.

The historians began to arrive – and they were needy – so I had to run.

But I spent the day eavesdropping shamelessly, trying to make sense of what I had seen.

blood red:
these fifty nine flowers 
after the frost
[deep pockets]
[[[nothing learned]]]


7 thoughts on “fifty nine columbines”

    1. Forgive the language, but the GOP’s balls are in the NRA’s money clip.

      Did you see the NRA’s home page? Their response to Las Vegas is – literally – that guns should be MORE accessible.

      I am a disabled woman who lives in the woods in a very rural area. I have a gun. It’s a necessary tool. I do NOT, however, have an assault rifle.


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