the bigot

Looking back, I shouldn’t have called the man an arrogant bastard … but I never expected an intelligent, articulate poet to be so utterly lacking in compassion.

Once I kept two finches as pets. When one grew weak, the other one pecked it to death in the night.

I’d hoped humans were better than that.

the unexpected child
by starlight
/all is calm, all is bright\
if you’re white and you’re male

10 thoughts on “the bigot”

  1. Just this past weekend my hubby carpooled with some ham radio buddies to a hamfest. One of the guys commented that young girls dress in a way ‘just asking for it’. Hubby was so shocked he could not even think what to say. Hubby had already made comments about looking for a church that supported LGBTs, disapproval of the president and support for taking a knee. He was worn down by the just asking for it comment. Feels like we are going back to barefoot and pregnant is the only ‘good’ type of woman.

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