8 thoughts on “55: blindly”

  1. The yellow school bus slid off the muddy road into the shallow ditch. Mom was the bus driver, first female driver in the county. The sticky, black clay swallowed my foot as I stepped down. And held my foot as I tried to escape its grasp. One final yank and my foot was loose but the strap of my shoe broke. Sunday shoe held captive in the muck of life.

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      1. Well, I was not frightened at all. Most of the roads were just dirt roads with a few ‘main’ ones having gravel or whiterock. Nothing was paved except the farm to market roads. Mom was mad the road was so bad and she had not negotiated it very good. Not ever sure if there was gravel on the road. I was just sad I had broken my nice shoes. Still enjoy all y our writings.


    1. Thanks C 🙂

      Emeralds? One of my favorite gems. That sounds interesting!

      Did you know you can still buy old mining claims in Colorado? We considered getting one … great place to camp, plus you can pan. Saw one house that still actually had a mine shaft and said NYET. (Looks like a Dax magnet.)

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