8 thoughts on “63: even”

  1. I remember eating lunch by the lake one day, watching all the trees’ branches swaying, imagining their roots, and wondering which side of the ground they considered ‘up’ – us folks above the surface are very niche by comparison 😛

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    1. Lol! Very niche indeed 🙂

      I always thought there were as many branches under the ground as there are above ground. Nope! Ice storms and then heavy rains … lots of upside down roots here.


      1. Spring/summer type weather hasn’t arrived there yet? We’ve had a couple of mini heat waves here already – whole years have gone by previously with less sunshine! Yes I always think the roots must go deep and wide, especially when they;re strong enough to start damaging the pavement…

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      2. We are just *now* getting some heat … longer winter than normal. But just like other years the weather is going straight from “barely spring” to “dang it’s hot”.

        Huge storms in the area yesterday – I’m so glad they missed us because everything is still so new.


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