Haibun: Beech

By my friend, Olde Foole.

Fool's Blog

25 May 2018 – Haibun: Beech
(for Jennifer Shields)

After redwood, cedar, pine romantic nights –
full moon paper lanterns caught in swaying limbs –
my heart cried out for hardwoods I could lean on.

A lovely nightmare:
setting sun seducing me,
shining through your silks!

Leafing through the constellations’ catalogue,
dreaming oak, mahogany, and walnut dreams –
at least my tortured heart had not renounced all hope.

You motherfucker!
All my once so fertile soil –
tangled in your roots!

Idiot cicada! Sing your life away!
With no more sense than you I sang, surrendering
my womb as witlessly to passing seed.


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